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Interview w/ Shannon Robichaud

Shannon I chat about what it's like to run a weekly streaming show and how we can all love each other better online!

Interview w/ Satine Phoenix

I spend some quality time with the Queen of D&D herself, the one and only Satine Phoenix!

Interview w/ Hope Lavelle

I am joined by Hope Lavelle, one of the co-stars of D&D Beyond's "Behond Heroes" series to chat D&D, streaming, and even a little parkour!

Talking Altered Carbon RPG w/ Ivan Van Norman!

Ivan is back to discuss the exciting new Kickstarter for his latest project, the official Altered Carbon RPG!

Interview w/ Keith Ammann

I am joined by Keith Ammann, author of the book "The Monsters Know What They're Doing". Want to up your D&D game? Listen to this episode and check out Keith's book!

Interview w/ Ginny Di

Question: who is cooler than Ginny Di? Answer: No one! And we find out why on this week's episode!

Interview w/ Escape This Podcast!

I welcome Dani and Bill onto my show and we talk about THEIR show, Escape This Podcast!

Interview w/ Dragon's Hoard Dice Co.

I'm joined by Chris and Jacob from Dragon's Hoard, talking about their new Kickstarter for SOLID SILVER DICE!

Interview w/ Jason Charles Miller

I'm joined this week by the wildly talented Jason Charles Miller! You know his voice, his music, his beard! Now get to know him a bit better on my show.

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