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20 Sided Stories Are Making Oscar-Worthy Actual Plays - Roll for Persuasion

20 Sided Stories is the most beautifully crafted actual-play podcast in existence. In this episode, we find out why.

Kelly Knox Loves Star Wars - Roll for Persuasion

Kelly is a Star Wars fan after my own heart, and talking with her was an absolute JOY.

Justice Arman is Writing Incredible Content for Your D&D World - Roll for Persuasion

Justice Arman is a best-selling writer of Dungeons and Dragons content, and a Goblin at Beadle & Grimm's!

Black Lives Matter - Eight Minutes & 46 Seconds in Honor of George Floyd

Black Lives Matter. Support the movement with the link in the show notes

James D'Amato is All About the One Shot - Roll for Persuasion

I had a chance to chat with podcaster and founder of the One Shot RPG network James D'Amato!

James Haeck is Writing Some of Your Favorite D&D Moments - Roll for Persuasion

James Haeck is the lead writer for D&D Beyond as well as a major part of some of my favorite official D&D adventures!

Beth May Forgot Keanu Reeves Secret Popcorn Recipe - Roll for Persuasion

Beth is back baby! We check in on the latest news re: Dungeons & Daddies and the advent of Beth's TikTok!

BONUS! Talon & Claw Are Making Whiskey Barrel Dice Vaults - Roll for Persuasion

Very excited to talk with Anthony of Talon & Claw about their awesome Whiskey Barrel Dice Vault Kickstarter launch!

Anjali Bhimani Has Been Playing D&D Longer Than You - Roll for Persuasion

It's here! My long anticipated interview with the FABULOUS Anjali Bhimani has arrived. Enjoy!

Jared Logan is Raising New Vampires in his Stream of Blood - Roll for Persuasion

I'm joined by comedian and game master Jared Logan to chat about his new actual play channel the Stream of Blood

BONUS! Tune in to Jasper's Game Week!

Fenway Jones joins me to talk about her organization Jasper's Game Day, and their AMAZING week-long benefit stream!

John Bultena is Teaching College Students About Dungeons & Dragons - Roll for Persuasion

I catch up with my buddy John Bultena to hear how he's teaching his D&D college course during quarantine.

Some of James Introcaso's CRAZIEST Ideas Made it Into the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount! - Roll for Persuasion

My guest this week is writer, podcaster, all-around awesome dude, James Introcaso!

Scratticus Academy Are Introducing Players to Streaming D&D - Roll for Persuasion

I'm joined by the one and only Scratticus to chat about being a full time streamer, introducing new players to D&D, and the importance of inclusivity and safety at the table.

Griffin Macaulay Creates a New D&D Magic Item EVERY Day! - Roll for Persuasion

I am joined by Griffin Macaulay, creator of The Griffon's Saddlebag, to chat about his collection of custom items for D&D 5E.

Grant Howitt Writes One-Page RPGs - Roll for Persuasion

I am joined by 1-Page RPG author extraordinaire Grant Howitt!

Lauren Urban Helps D&D Fans Find Answers - Roll for Persuasion

I chat with D&D Beyond Community Manager Lauren Urban about Dungeons & Dragons, streaming, and symphony!

Margaret Weis Brings Fantasy to Life - Roll for Persuasion

I am incredibly honored to chat with famed Dragonlance author Margaret Weis!

Adam Bradford is the Enabler of Cool Shit at D&D Beyond - Roll for Persuasion

Adam Bradford is really freaking cool, that's all you need to know about this episode.

Lucia of Seersword is Creating The Islands of Sina Una - Roll for Persuasion

I chat with Lucia, creator of gaming accessory company Seersword, and co-lead on the Islands of Sina Una Philippines TTRPG setting.

Shannon Robichaud Runs Marathons and Streams Dungeons & Dragons - Roll for Persuasion

Shannon I chat about what it's like to run a weekly streaming show and how we can all love each other better online!

Satine Phoenix is the Beyoncé of Dungeons and Dragons - Roll for Persuasion

I spend some quality time with the Queen of D&D herself, the one and only Satine Phoenix!

Hope Lavelle is Living Her D&D Dreams - Roll for Persuasion

I am joined by Hope Lavelle, one of the co-stars of D&D Beyond's "Behond Heroes" series to chat D&D, streaming, and even a little parkour!

Ivan Van Norman is Creating the Altered Carbon TTRPG - Roll for Persuasion

Ivan is back to discuss the exciting new Kickstarter for his latest project, the official Altered Carbon RPG!

Keith Ammann Know's What the Monsters are Doing - Roll for Persuasion

I am joined by Keith Ammann, author of the book "The Monsters Know What They're Doing". Want to up your D&D game? Listen to this episode and check out Keith's book!

Ginny Di Takes Shit from No One - Roll for Persuasion

Question: who is cooler than Ginny Di? Answer: No one! And we find out why on this week's episode!

Escape This Podcast! are Making Live-Play Escape Rooms - Roll for Persuasion

I welcome Dani and Bill onto my show and we talk about THEIR show, Escape This Podcast!

Dragon's Hoard Dice Co. are Making Solid Silver Dice - Roll for Persuasion

I'm joined by Chris and Jacob from Dragon's Hoard, talking about their new Kickstarter for SOLID SILVER DICE!

Interview w/ Jason Charles Miller

I'm joined this week by the wildly talented Jason Charles Miller! You know his voice, his music, his beard! Now get to know him a bit better on my show.

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